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  • training

    Hello! We are 2 French players, has the search for a training course in Rumania other than has constanta because I am there deja to go twice the Rumanian players with whom I entraine me my spoken of bistrita, if somebody could inquire hesitate has to join me, beforehand I thank you. Nicolas my adress mail n.baudoux(at)

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    Re: training

    Where are you now?
    If you come in Bucharest, please contact me, I have a room where they can play.


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      Re: training

      Hello! What is what somebody can try to have me address and phone number(coordinates) of the person in charge of the center of bistrita to know if that would be possible to make a small training course at the beginning of July for 2 or 3 French player! Beforehand I you remercie.voici my e-mail address n.baudoux(at)


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        Re: training

        salut bodsman
        tu cherches a t'entrainer a bistrita c'est bien cela? desole mais j'ai pas bien compris ton message... si tu pense venir a cluj laisse moi un mp sur le forum. et actuellement t'es ou? a constanta?
        P.S sorry for the french message


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          Re: training

          Hi Everybody,
          Great Forum you have here, contratulations!
          I'm a portuguese citizen working now in Bucharest and I would like to recommence my table tennis trainnings.
          There are more than 10 years that I don't play and I really need to put an end in this gap!
          I ordered some material in TT-shop but some of it no longer exists! so you can see for how long I don't deal with this sport
          I'm also looking for a place in Bucharest to go into training and discuss with other players. If you can help me, that would be great.
          Kind regards,
          Fernando Camacho


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            Re: training

            Hi Camacho!
            As you can see, we are so busy chatting in the romanian forums, that it took over 2 months for someone to write back, and that's me
            So, did you get your TT materials? If not yet, check out for some Stiga and Banda stuff, for good prices on many brands out there (072246828 and also note the number of Mr. Gelu Popescu (nickname tibi on the forums): 0728747067.
            If you still didn't manage to find yet a club, try club IDM - They have good prices, but it's quite crowded, especially on weekends.
            Also, if you speak to Mr. Gelu, ask him about directions on his own establishment - he has some tables (10 or 12, I think) with enough space around them and for a good price also.
            These are some amateur places, but if you're really looking to train, then it maybe a good idea to contact George Durdun (0766544295) - he's young, but very serious. Unfortunately, he's in Constanta these days, but call him anyway.
            I hope this info will help, if you still need it after all this time
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