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Romana Female Players

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  • Romana Female Players


    I am from Turkey,
    I have a website about Turkish Tennis De Masa which is
    I know Romana Female Table Tennis Players are Top Players in Europe.
    If we contact with Top Romana Players and if they want to join Turkish Female Super League, We can write an article about them in our website and introduce them to Turkish Table Tennis Community.

    Does anybody know their contact info or their infomations?
    Which Club do they play know?
    For example;
    ZAMFIR Adriana
    STEFF Mihaela
    BADESCU Otilia
    DODEAN Daniela
    SAMARA Elizabeta
    NECULA Iulia

    Ayhan Demirci

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    hallo ayhan
    it is wery good to have an turkish in an romanian forum (we have this forum from 2 mounts ago)
    if you are the administrator of that site i will congratulate you (i was on your site many times and i find it wery good)
    we are just amateurs so we don`t have an conexion with the profesional players
    about the romanian wemen i can give the mail of the romanian federation and if you contact them maybe they help you much better then us ( frtenismasa(at) )


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      Hello Filo

      Thank you Filo yes i am the adminisrator of this website.
      Your site is also very usefull. Thank you for the email address.

      May be we can do cooperation for the Table tennis.

      For example we are wondering and want to know how the Romanian Table Tennis could success so much. You have top players female and male in Europe. What is the system and how this top players come ?

      Let me introduce me, I am Ayhan Demirci, I work in a private company. I like Table Tennis and all sports. I want to improve Turkish Table Tennis with my friend.

      Ayhan Demirci


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        hello Ayhan
        my name is Claudiu Iacob and i am dentist, i play just amateur (but 10-12 hours per week)
        if you want to colaborate with us we are wery open and wery glad to do it.
        about the romanian players do you know Kalinikos Kreanga is romanian? he fled in Greece in 1989 because they offer to him maney (i can`t blame him but i am sad).
        about the romanian training there is some particularity wich make the romanian players so good.
        1.the begining of training. in romania childen train fom 6-7 years (many from 5) and after the first year with 3-4 days training per week they train in every day(7 days per week) 2-3 hours per training sesion.
        2.condition of training. in romania. there are 4-5 major centres in wich the best players are congregate and if the best players train and play toghether they can improve much better (exemple all the wemen juniors are in one center in Constanta at black sea near to turkey)
        3.the coach. we have i think the best coaches in region like Viorel Filimon (the coach of romanian olimpic wemen team) from Constanta and Gheorghe Bozga from Bistrita in the north of the country who descover Mihaela Steff-Merutiu, Adrian Crisan, and Kalinikos Kreanga and many others.
        4.natural born abilities. i think romanian like to play and this sport is all about playing, and the romanians are good in every sport (especialy in wemen) because the romanian wemen are wery serious about training.
        so if i say simple is like that: lot of time, good parteners, good coach and serious mental abilities


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