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Be very careful with Ciolan Vlad Cosmin and David Dorin

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  • Be very careful with Ciolan Vlad Cosmin and David Dorin

    Hi i write this post from spain, my name y Julian Galaso Pedrajas, im from Andujar in the south of Spain and i write this post because all members of this forum must be very careful with this 2 people, These two people are involved in scamming people, i know more people scammed like me, i bought a rosewood nct 5 from they in 60 Euros and i sended the money to vlad ciolan cosmin and blade never arrived, i did the deal in the page, there i got a post explaining all what happened, this is the link to my post there:

    Azinoth was his nickname but also Vladd, you can visit there my post and see more information, i copy here my post there:

    You be very careful with Azinoth, he is a member of this forum that is dedicated to defraud and cheat to get money, I've bought a wood, I sent the money and once he received it, he has gone, he does not answer my private messages.

    After two weeks I try to see if I was answering private messages with another user name, I create a new profile here and I send a message, he replied quickly, he was looking for a wood and I offered it to him , he told me he wanted a change and he offered me the wood that I had bought to him and that he had not sent me, so 60 euros lost.

    Modus operandi: he offers you what you are looking for, but he not got that blade really, he prefer trades blade by blade, or 2 blade by his blade (epensive blade).

    If this person offers you a trade or sell you some materials, not to buy it and send him money, you will lose it.

    I've reported to the police and I'm waiting they call me to see what we can do.

    He will have more of one profile here so a lot care to count it, I give you your data in case someone in the forum knows or is doing business with him, his name and address he gave me to send him money by western union is:

    Ciolan Vlad Cosmin

    Lunca Centatuii 94

    707085 Iasi Ciurea


    Other possible name for him is DAVID DORIN, he was telling us he is english. He could give us the name of his teammate, for the money transfer. They both plays in same romanian table tennis team. His name and adress is:

    David Dorin



    If anyone knows anything more about him please tell me that you have data to better catch him
    If you have any question about this, please do it, i will answer you everything posible.
    If someone knows they and want to help, please let me waht you know here or by private message, i hope these people cant scam more good people, thanks

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    Rugam comunitatea amatorilor de tenis de masă din Iasi sa ia legatura cu Ciolan Vlad, pentru a-l convinge sa rezolve aceasta situatie delicata.


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      The problem is discussed here (use google translate to understand):!!!
      lemn: Waldner Dotec Carbon
      fețe: Tenergy 05/Tenergy 05


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        Postat în original de clau Vezi post
        The problem is discussed here (use google translate to understand):!!!
        Thank you


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