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lost in bucharest

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  • lost in bucharest

    1st of all hello
    i'm a french student that has still 2 months to go in Bucharest for an internship, and well i'd like to be able to play a bit , training and so on
    I'm a real amateur allthought it has been quite some years since i started playing. <but it is more a hobby than anything else, so i would like to know where i could play a bit.

    About myself, my name is Vincent and at the moment i'm staying in magurele because it is where i work ( at IFIN ( you know what it is)

    i shall hopefully get some stuff i forgot in france to play, so i'm investigating.
    Thanks in advance for your help


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    hi apocal! I read your message now and if u want you can come on saturdays at IDM club, next to regie, or semanatoarea subway station! You will meet there people from this forum! If you want more explanations, you can call me! My name is Mihai and my number is 0722676461 or 0765488453! Call me and we'll meet and play some tenis
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      well i see where the sub station is, but few things that come to my mind is: how to meet?
      and what time? ^^
      PS: i have only internet connection from work, and no phones at all


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